This is not a pipe! The work of Magritte is a powerful statement on the nature of art. Art is not representation but interpretation, and there is no difference on this point between music, for which everybody is forced to accept without turning a hair, by nature of the media, that a promenade in forest should be interpreted by a and a harmony which represent in no way the landscape, and painting. As regarding painting it even make a priori no difference on this subject, if the artist chooses a abstract mode of interpretation as Kandinsky, a surrealist one as Magritte, or a hyper-realist one as Warhol, because even a photograph is not the object which it represents, but its interpretation, in which the choice of the black and white or colour, saturation, contrast and fuzziness play an important role. This notion of interpretation is moreover even independent of that of the concept, dear to contemporary art, you can with the same interpretation expressimpressions, feelings or ideas.